Artist Statement                                                                                                              

My purpose is to touch and connect with the human soul through my art. When I feel a rapport and harmony during the physical act of creating, I become one with the work. At this point, I know the truth is being expressed through my heart and soul.

My art creates itself through me. By surrendering to the process, powerful visions unfold which then can be expressed through paint and sculptural mixed media. My work has been a developmental and experimental process since childhood combining many exciting techniques. Gravitating towards artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, Turner, Mary Frank and Rodin, I have assimilated these masterful qualities into my own statement. This is my purpose and contribution.
About Beverly                                                                                      

Beverly Barris  is a widely recognized outstanding master painter and sculptor whose artwork has secured her a place in “Who’s Who of American Women.” Raised in New York, she graduated from Parsons School of Design. Beverly has been an artist her whole life and in 1998 she began painting murals, commissioned paintings and  faux finishes to enhance and  beautify clients’ homes and businesses.  She also teaches painting privately. Her professional career spans over forty years with countless personal and professional references. 

For twenty years, while living in the metro NY area, she was the Art Director of Brides magazine, Creative Director for Viewmaster-Ideal Toy Co., Tyco Playtime. She was also an illustrator for prominent books and magazines, product designer/inventor for giftware, clothing, jewelry, and greeting card manufacturers. Her partial  client list includes: McDonalds, Walt Disney, Sesame Street, Coca Cola, Avon and Mattel.

Beverly has received numerous awards and her work has been purchased for private collections and auctioned at fundraisers. Her work has been shown at prestigious museums and galleries some of which include: the Cork Gallery in New York, Bergen Museum of Arts and Sciences in New Jersey, the Deland Museum in Florida and the Mosi Museum in Florida.

Her murals are in restaurants, private homes of well known personalities, accountants, doctors offices, schools and churches to name a few.
Her work has been highlighted in numerous newspapers and magazines such as the Tampa Tribune, the St. Petersburg Times, the Tampa Bay Magazine, published  in “Decorating…the professional touch”, and other publications.

Beverly Barris's strength is her unique and extraordinary high-end concepts that are beautifully executed to your satisfaction. Call her today to schedule an appointment to enhance your environment!
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