WALL SCULPTURES with MIXED MEDIA                                            
Native American Story 2  30 x 40
Native American Story 2  30 x 40  Detail
Native American Story 2  30 x 40  Side View
Breaking Through- 30” x 40” Mixed Media
Native American Story- 30” x 40” Mixed Media
Native American Story- Side View
"Evolution of Life" 1'd x 3'h x 6'w  Mixed Media  Available
"Lotus Blossoms"  36" x 48" Mixed Media Wall Sculpture   Available
"Bonding"  12" x 13"  Mixed Media
"Peace" 12" x 12" Clay with Imbedded Glass  Available
"Art Nouveau Woman"  12" x 17"  Mixed Media with Embedded Glass
"Broken Wing "  16" x 20"  Mixed Media  Available
"Courage' 20" x 22" Clay with Embedded Glass   Available
"Emerging"  17" x 22" Mixed Media  Available
"Mother and Child"  20" x 26"  Paper Mache  Available
"Oneness"  16" x 22" Paper Sculpture   Available
"Woman Blossoming"  28"d x 30"w x 50"h   Mixed Media  Available
"The Dance of Life" 30 x 40
"The Dance of Life"- Side View  30 x 40
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This award-winning studio will custom design murals, trompe l'oeil (fool the eye), artistic faux finishes, furniture, commissioned paintings, sculpture and more in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and other areas by special arrangement.  Beverly Barris creates artwork for your home and commercial office space to enhance your environment and lifestyle. Hand-painted murals on canvas can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Beverly Barris Design Studio Inc. is unique in our approach: 
• Reliable     • Professional     • High Quality     • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please call Beverly owner/artist to discuss your project today at 813-966-1246 or email her at barrisart@gmail.com
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